When people get together, it often results in language confusion. How can we live in a heterogeneous society and still feel connected with one another? Is there such a thing as productive misunderstandings? What are body and sound language able to express? Can communication break down entirely – and, if so, is that necessarily a bad thing?
BABEL – a 7 days festival taking place at the Marienfriedhof Cemetery in Hildesheim – invited us to create a spacial framework for this unique research lab of understanding and common action.
Other than spreading the activities such as talks, concerts, dinners, presentations, performances,cinema nights or workshops throughout different spots inside the park we decided to concentrate them inside one festival center. By arranging these tasks around one void we generate a modern interpretation of the Agora. The twin function of this Agora as a political and commercial space allows visitors and artists to either actively or passively participate in all the interventions happening during the festival simultanously.

A project by Marius Busch, Sam Carvalho and Christian Göthner.
Thanks a lot to the crew of BABEL im Park 

Images by Robert Oppermann