City Leaks Cologne

City Leaks Cologne

“Space for all – a stage for all”, the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival 2017 invites you to change the shape of the #transformation on Ebertplatz. The structures of a city are always physical, historical, cultural and, above all, fictional. Everything has been created with an idea, an utopia. Today it seems as if the participatory is more important than ever. The erosion of democratic structures, the corporate lobbying and the socializing of the maturity, the end of our powerlessness is still reasonably stable in the air.
One of the many possible formulas for the #future would be: More responsibility through more cooperative and initiative. How this works was demonstrated through our temporary, installation-like constructions which formed the foundation of the CityLeaks 2017 festival Center occupying Ebertplatz. Everyone was invited to participate in the festival, the center and the city.

A project by Berk Asal, Dan Dorocic, Gianni Laneri Deforné.
Thanks a lot to the crew of CityLeaks Festival!

Images by Georg Barringhaus and Wilko Meiborg!