City Leaks Cologne

City Leaks Cologne

Under the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival 2017 theme “Sharing Cities“ we used the oldest architectural language of the Amphitheater and Stage to transform a city square in Cologne into a Public forum for discussion and Center for Urban Art. CityLeaks invited artists to change the shape of the #transformation happening on and around Ebertplatz in the center of Köln,Germany. And they invited us to create a center for the Festival. Our intervention was used for discussions and presentations, by many heroes of the Commons – including Stavros Stavrides. Today it seems as if participation is more important than ever. The erosion of democratic structures, a corporate lobbying taking over and the draw back to a urban commons, the end of the citizens powerlessness is still resonating in the air. Ebertplatz has in the last years been acquiring a bit of a bad rap with the main issues use being drug-use, homelessness and “unsafe behaviour”. During the dream/design/build process we made sure to include, or at least gain approval from the primary users of Ebertplatz, who always had an interesting story to share with us. One of the many possible formulas for the future would be: More responsibility through more cooperatiion and more initiative from citizens. How this could work was demonstrated through our temporary, amphitheater-like constructions which formed the foundation of the CityLeaks 2017 festival Center occupying Ebertplatz. Everyone was invited to participate during the month of the festival, discussing at the festival-center, and using it for a base for city-making and city -hacking.

A project by Berk Asal, Dan Dorocic, Gianni Laneri Deforné.
Thanks a lot to the crew of CityLeaks Festival!

Images by Georg Barringhaus and Wilko Meiborg!