“Playing in the city means playing in a place ruled by limitations and borders caused by infrastructure and its users. Day to day traffic and circulation shrinks safe & playable space for children to a minimum. ”

Originally conceived as the ‘BOULEvard’ mobile playground for FestivalKanal 2014 in Brussels (link to BLV), we re-invented our tensegrity structure as the ‘Pingball’ with a new and more environmentally sustainable material – cardboard – as part of the Paper and Cardboard Festival 2019 in Vejle, Denmark.

The PINGball is a 2 m high mobile play sculpture wich was guided through the city in collaboration with well established local artist group Kunstskabet ( With the help of volunteers and citizens of all ages, it moved around the pedestrian streets in the center Vejle from Thursday, August 28 – Saturday, August 30. From the center of Vejle it rolled towards the city’s rapidly developing industrial harbour. On the way, it became an interactive musical instrument – hacked with bluetooth speakers and accelerometers. As a kind of mobile Church Organ – it reacted organically to its movement to create an eery soundscape in its vicinity.

The interactive sculpture invites spontaneous and playful interactions between artists and citizens. And, at the same time, it is brings up a moment to reflect and discuss about what art as collective action in urban space can do for city life.
Images by  Marit Paulina de Julienhort Rosenkilde and Vejle Kommune